SOA in the movies

I was in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago for a series of talks on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), an approach to IT that is gaining prominence, particularly in corporate environments. There is growing interest in the education sector and the event was organised by UCISA (Universities and Colleges Information Systems Associations).

SOA is a complex concept to get across and requires a rethink of the way an organisation delivers its information services. As part of the day there was an opportunity to see the explanatory animation that JISC have produced. This Quick Time movie provides an excellent introduction to the subject that just about anyone involved in IT will find helpful and be able to grasp.


One Response to “SOA in the movies”

  1. tamgo Says:

    SOA is something that has helped the software industry (and the industries it services) evolve in many aspects. It touches the lives of many people, even though the vast majority of them are unaware of it.

    It is only natural that eventually this and other technical terms will reach out to the public. Just a couple of years ago an average person didn’t have any idea what a gigabyte or a megahertz was.

    Society as a whole will get more tech savvy. There is simply more exposure to technology, it is all around us. We are even experiencing exposure to it at an earlier age.

    I love this kind of things. I hope we can see more developments of this nature.

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