A proper lunch

As you know, this blog takes a keen interest in the status of lunch in the modern working environment. So I was delighted to read the following comment by scriptwriter Andrew Davies in yesterday’s Observer magazine (you’ll need to scroll to find the article, entitled Andrew Davies and Kate Lewis):

“I don’t really like working with anybody who doesn’t do lunch. It doesn’t have to be a grand lunch but it has to be a proper lunch with wine… There is a move in TV to do away with lunching which I’m passionately opposed to!”

Epicurean respect.


2 Responses to “A proper lunch”

  1. Michael Kenward Says:

    Does anyone do lunch these days? Way back in the Stone Age of the last quarter of the 20th century it was one of life’s pleasures.

    Many a scientist, and not a few politicians and hacks, enjoyed a well lubricated lunch at the expense of New Scientist back then. But as the circulation has gone through the roof since those days, some people will draw unhealthy conclusions.

  2. pdanderson Says:

    An interesting point Michael – is there a body of research concerning the correlation between magazine circulation and lunch-related expenses?

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