Email, blogging and sacking

After a leisurely Friday lunch, possibly involving the local hostelry, there’s many an employee who might spend part of the afternoon emailing a few old friends, doing a bit of IM and perhaps spending some time in their favourite social networking site.


Wired magazine reports that nearly ten percent of companies (of those surveyed at least) have fired an employee for violating corporate email, messaging and blogging policies. Almost a third of companies actually employ people to analyze the outgoing email. The survey was carried out by Forrester (on behalf of Proofpoint, an email security company) amongst large American corporates but, still, makes you think doesn’t it?


One Response to “Email, blogging and sacking”

  1. David Bradley Says:

    There was an incident earlier this year that could have ended rather nastily, not necessarily for the blogger in question, but for someone who interacted with that blog. I originally intended to betray all the gruesome details of the story in my own blog at the time having interviewed both parties, but thought better of it and instead wrote a piece on when blogging gets you fired instead.


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