Eating in the library

A wine bar near where I work has just had a make-over and acquired a new name: The Library. Such a name is guaranteed to attract the interest of a writer, especially one who spends some of the working week on projects for UK universities. So in the interests of expanding the possible venues for business lunches I have been undertaking some detailed research.

On my first visit I tried Tunnbröd med Makrill, Dill Våfflor med Skagen Röra and Tosca kaka med Vaniljsås. Now, if this sounds to you like the cast-list of an Ingmar Bergman film, then you are not far wrong. The Library serves Swedish tapas. No, I didn’t know the Swedes did tapas either, but it is basically a selection of lots of small, mainly fish-related dishes – a kind of mini-version of their famous smörgåsbord.

In fact, this translated into Swedish flatbread with peppery mackerel and potato salad; prawns and smoked salmon in lemon mayo with savoury dill waffles; and, for dessert, almond cake with vanilla sauce. It was superb! Sadly, the restaurant doesn’t have a website yet, or I’d post a link.


2 Responses to “Eating in the library”

  1. Alan Carter-Davies Says:

    Does the Library have any books or is the place a misnomer?

  2. pdanderson Says:

    Sadly there are no real books. A small number of Penguin classic covers are displayed as prints on the walls though. This of course helps one to focus on the menus which are leather-bound.

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