I recently had a comment from a reader who is active in the media industry (you know who you are) that I don’t feature enough material on lunch. Whether this says something about the habits of film-making types I’m not sure, but in the interest of redressing the balance I thought I’d mention something I was coerced into trying in York the other day.

The York Brewery’s three pubs serve a taster tray Tray of Thirdsof four of their real ales (see picture). Each is served in a one-third-of-a-pint glass, which I think is a brilliant way to find out what you like before moving onto the full monty. In recent years CAMRA have been campaigning to get more pubs to introduce this smaller measure.

I suppose this is more of a liquid lunch kind of thing, so maybe you’ll argue that it’s out of scope for this blog—certainly a bad idea if you have much work to do in the afternoon. So a nice one for those who work in media…


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