Coconut water

As the title of this blog would suggest technology-themed lunches are an important part of our repertoire. Although it’s nice to be treated to the odd gourmet surprise at a conference or workshop, the reality is that techie types often don’t get the chance to leave their desk. If, like me, you fall in to this category, you’ll always be on the look out for new things to liven up your lunch-hour.

With this in mind, a good friend of mine (thanks Alan) has brought to my attention the following liquid accompaniment to a desk-bound lunch: young coconut water. It comes in the form of a canned drink and, although I’ve not yet tried it, I am assured that it is fantastic stuff.

I’ve no idea why the coconuts have to be young, but thinking about it hairy, wrinkly milk doesn’t sound too appetising.



3 Responses to “Coconut water”

  1. Martin Waller Says:

    Sounds great, do they do a carbonated version?

  2. Paul Anderson Says:

    Hi Martin

    I gather that there is not a carbonated version. However, I have received two alternative versions of this drink. A report will follow.

  3. Alan Says:

    coconuts have to be young in order to have more sweet water inside before it turns into coconut meat. coconut water can also be obtained from mature coconuts but it wont taste as good.
    i havent tried it canned but im sure it tastes great.

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