So, farewell then Bill Gates

Throughout my entire career in the computer industry Bill Gates has been an omnipresence as Microsoft bent the industry around it like a giant star bends gravity. He retires today. These days that star is arguably beginning to fade as the post-PC era takes shape and so perhaps he is bowing out at the right time.

There is so much that could be said about Gates and his work, and no doubt there will be acres of coverage in the print and online media this weekend. However, in the best and slightly irreverent traditions of this blog (and because it’s Friday), here are three things you perhaps didn’t know about Bill Gates and probably won’t read this weekend:

  • His favourite subject at school was geography
  • He was once sent by his parents to see a psychiatrist because they thought he was an underachiever
  • He enjoys butter pecan ice cream

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One Response to “So, farewell then Bill Gates”

  1. Martin Waller Says:

    If he give as much thought to giving away his billions as he did to making it in the first place then the world should be a better place. You have to admire the man…

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