Semantic Robots

One of the sessions at last week’s European ICT 2008 conference looked at the area of robotics research. It was pointed out that we are starting to see robotic applications move beyond their traditional use in high end automobile manufacturing (remember the Picasso car advert?). There is a push to put manufacturing robots like this into smaller companies and also a lot of work going on for applications in the health and service industries. Of most interest though, I thought, were discussions about plans to integrate robotic work with that of the semantic Web to deliver knowledge-based robotics.

You can read a bit more about these semantic robots on the JISC TechWatch blog, which I will be contributing to over the coming months.


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2 Responses to “Semantic Robots”

  1. Raza Rizvi Says:

    I saw something on the BBC News website about pole dancing robots. I didn’t watch the video though… just in case.

  2. Raza Rizvi Says:

    yep, I was right, they are at the Tate.

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