Twitter on toast

In a truly inspired combination of breakfast and technology, a man in Pittsburgh, USA, has connected his toaster to twitter. On his blog, Hans Scharler explains how he has wired his toaster up to the Web via a device called the ioBridge. You can follow the progress of toast production in his house and, quite wonderfully, his toaster already has 61 twitter followers. Even more interesting, perhaps, is that his toaster is in turn following eight other twitters. I don’t know about this passing the Turing test, but it shows some signs of basic artificial intelligence.

Seems a great item to end the technology year on and many thanks to my old college friend Martin for raising this one.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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One Response to “Twitter on toast”

  1. Martin Waller Says:

    I was watching “Three Men in Another Boat” on BBC 1 last night and they ended up talking to some Twitchers – bird watchers – in the Silly Islands. I was thinking that Twitter really is the perfect medium for these guys to communicate. They could be known as Twittering Twitchers!

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