It has been some time, so I thought I would restart proceedings for the autumn with a quick link to Cambridge computing lab pioneer Quentin Stafford-Fraser. Here truly is a man after my own heart as in between blogging about 3G femtocells and recursion he’s found time to consider the future of puddings.

He proffers the idea of a social networking site for recipes as a means to further their evolution, although I have to say it’s not the first time I’ve come across this idea. When I first started working at Intelligent Content one of the development projects that (fortunately) never came to fruition was of a similar ilk – although the concept of social networks didn’t exist then, of course. Quentin has form in this area – he was one of the instigators of the Trojan Room coffee pot affair.


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4 Responses to “MyPud”

  1. Broxtowe Green Party's Blog Says:

    This is a test posting…

    This is a test. It should have a trackback to an article about puddings on TechLunch…….

  2. Alan Carter-Davies Says:

    Come on Tech Lunch, all tech and no lunch – this puddin’s a bit off right now as it was launched last October! What are you having for lunh today? Al Desko?

  3. iPoetry « Tech Lunch Says:

    […] the blog that gave you the edible iPod and social computing for puddings, I now present… iPoetry. Following on from a mid-winter poetry reading by authors from Salt […]

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