Starter for ten: what would a post-Google search engine look like?

Bamber Gascoigne, the original presenter of University Challenge, is back in the news this weekend. Since 1994, when he turned down the opportunity to present the new series of the quiz show, Bamber has been working on a history-based search engine. All has finally been revealed, and Timesearch has just been released.

The tool is an aggregator, and it allows users to collate information from various sources (Google, Wikipedia etc.) by selecting various search criteria: geographical location, date etc. I’ve not had chance to play with it at length but there does seem to be a large number of potential options.

The tool is billed on their website as an “early example of the post-Google generation of online search tools, capable of being more finely tuned to the individual needs of the user.” This may be the beginning of a new trend, as people look for more focused ways of finding information. And who better to trust with building the next generation of Web search engines than the man who knew the answers to all of University Challenge’s ‘starter for ten’ questions?


One Response to “Starter for ten: what would a post-Google search engine look like?”

  1. Raza Rizvi Says:

    ah but there will also be ‘no confering’ which I suppose will keep the relevance up 🙂

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