Computer Science Writer of the Year

On Friday I had a rather exciting email from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. For those unfamiliar with the EPSRC, it is one of the seven government-funded bodies that coordinate research and allocate grants to UK universities. Apparently, I have been awarded their Computer Science Writer of the Year prize for a piece I wrote on new developments in computing that help people suffering from dementia.

Obviously, I’m very pleased about this award but, so far, there has been no mention of a prize-giving lunch.


3 Responses to “Computer Science Writer of the Year”

  1. Raza Rizvi Says:

    Well done fella, but where’s the link to your paper?

    I hope you get a club sandwich.

  2. pdanderson Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Raz. The article has not been published yet, but will appear in Connect magazine later in the year. I’ll let the blog know.

  3. Alan Carter-Davies Says:

    Way to go Paul.
    Looking forward to reading a world beating paper.
    I hope you get a club sandwich and a packet of crisps and maybe some cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks. Y’know a real celebration.

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