Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

Quite a while ago I blogged about vegetarian scotch eggs. And you wouldn’t believe the number of would-be vegetarian scotch egg eaters that now land on this site.

So, to further egg on these ovaphiles I have a tip to share from my Christmas hamper. The Handmade Scotch Egg Company does exactly what they say, will deliver to your door and make several veggie versions. I tried a few of their products over the Christmas holiday and they are lovely.

Their selection of over thirty different types includes Worcester (where the egg is coated in a mixture which includes local cheeses, parsley and Worcester sauce) and the truly excellent Beanie (red kidney beans, brazil nuts and garlic). For the meat eaters there are classics like Old Malvernian (made with Gloucester old spot pork) and Valentino (saddleback pork stuffed with Wensleydale cheese and cranberries).

The only criticism I have is that the delivered eggs come surrounded by an ice pack and a great deal of packaging. Although I’m sure this is all necessary in order to keep them fresh during the journey it does seem a bit un-green, so I’m reserving these for the occasional luxury treat. However, the company is based in rural Herefordshire⎯a place I know quite well, and where I can assure you the air is particularly clear and the chickens run free.



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