Liquid lunch 2.0

Tipping the iPhone pint

Tipping the iPhone pint

The key thing about anything bearing the ‘2.0’ moniker is that it’s not real. And so it is with iPhone’s pint of lager.

In order to get the pint you have to play a virtual game of skittles, a viral advert courtesy of a well-known UK lager company. If you score enough points you ‘win’ a virtual pint.

The trouble is, thanks to the quality of the visuals, the pint looks really realistic. And because of the iPhone’s built-in motion detector and accelerometer you can actually nurse your pint and watch it disappear as you tip the iPhone as though it were a glass.

The idea is very clever and it does leave you wondering what better use the bright sparks that came up with it could be put to. It goes without saying, however, that as a liquid lunch it leaves much to be desired.



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