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Liquid lunch 2.0

September 23, 2008
Tipping the iPhone pint

Tipping the iPhone pint

The key thing about anything bearing the ‘2.0’ moniker is that it’s not real. And so it is with iPhone’s pint of lager.

In order to get the pint you have to play a virtual game of skittles, a viral advert courtesy of a well-known UK lager company. If you score enough points you ‘win’ a virtual pint.

The trouble is, thanks to the quality of the visuals, the pint looks really realistic. And because of the iPhone’s built-in motion detector and accelerometer you can actually nurse your pint and watch it disappear as you tip the iPhone as though it were a glass.

The idea is very clever and it does leave you wondering what better use the bright sparks that came up with it could be put to. It goes without saying, however, that as a liquid lunch it leaves much to be desired.


Landfall for 3G iPhone?

May 30, 2008

Intense rumours are sweeping the Net concerning news of the next version of Apple’s iPhone which will feature 3G mobile telephony. This has brought to light one of the odder websites of the world: Import Genius. This is a software service that tracks various real-time registers of the movement of shipping containers into the US and allows (paying) customers to keep an eye on their competitors’ supply movements. According to a CNN news story the Import Genius site has registered a large number of shipments for Apple labelled simply as ‘electric computers’ since mid-March. This appears to be on top of their regular shipments of desktop computers.

Looks like Christmas has come early for some lucky people.

Google goes crowdsourcing for an iPhone ‘killer’

November 16, 2007

I recently mentioned the rumours surrounding the possible release of a Google gPhone which would be in competition to the Apple iPhone. It appears that this is not going to happen now, at least not in the sense of a distinct, hold-in-your hand, physical product.


A summer romance? Geeks and unlocking the iPhone

October 31, 2007

Apparently, Britain is about to be hit by a two-week media barnstorm in anticipation of the long awaited launch of Apple’s iPhone on 9th November. Given the long dark evenings and the autumnal wet weather we probably won’t be witnessing the camping-out-in-sleeping-bags and sharing-of-thermoses outside retail stores that happened in America this summer when the product was launched. But there may be other reasons why the UK won’t be quite as head-over-heels in love with the iPhone.