About this blog

If you can’t get away from the desktop at lunchtime then this is the blog for you. My philosophy is that technology should be tempting and easily digestible, so I aim to write about the things that I think are interesting, and tell you why they’ve come to my attention. I’ll usually publish in time for lunch in the UK (GMT – the meridian thingy), but not every day because I’d hate to be too predictable and because I do have a job. I’m also interested in the role of luncheon in the high tech business sector, so, if I attend an interesting technology summit, I’ll report back on the sandwich situation.

Just to be clear, I do this for a living, so all copyright is owned by me and all rights are reserved. If you see something that you’d like to use then get in touch with us and ask. We’re very friendly and reasonable but we do have to take a professional approach to our ‘intellectual property’.

I should also point out that all users’ comments are moderated and we reserve the right to edit them before publication.


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