ICT 2008

Red Pizza Man Statue, Lyon

Red Pizza Man Statue, Lyon

You know you’ve arrived at ICT 2008, the EU’s biggest research technology conference, when you round a corner and narrowly miss being knocked off your feet by a suited and booted segway rider. There are further techie references as you cross the courtyard of the Centre de Congrès in Lyon. The thirty-foot high, plastic pizza delivery boy for example, complete with plastic scooter, proffers an appropriately scaled pizza box. This is either something to do with the contemporary arts building next door, or a municipal French tribute to that staple of the late-night, carbohydrate-fuelled code-fest.

I’m here as part of my work for JISC TechWatch. I’ll be blogging some of the more technical stuff at TechWatch’s newly launched blog – Notes from the Future – but for the foodie stuff, stay tuned. There’s more to come on cakes, caffeine, and the comedy of European manners.



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