Philips launches electronic pill

Philips iPill is 11 x 26 mm

Philips Research’s intelligent pill (iPill) for electronically controlled drug delivery

Nowadays it seems just about anything can have ‘i’ added as a prefix and now Philips have added their two penn’orth, this time in healthcare.

The company has announced that they will launch their ‘iPill’ next week at a science conference. This is an electronic pill that can pass through the digestive system, measuring its position by determining the acidity of its surroundings and releasing medicine in a programmable pattern as required. The company envisages its use both as a drug research tool and therapeutically.

This would also seem to have wide-ranging application in the software development industry, say for the intravenous delivery of pizza, but caused me a few problems in terms of this blog. I wasn’t quite sure whether to file this story under the ‘technology’ or ‘lunch’ category.


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3 Responses to “Philips launches electronic pill”

  1. Martin Waller Says:

    I’m guesing that the things are recyclable but would you want to swallow something that’s already been through someone else? Having said that all the water we drink must has been passed by a few people before we get to drink it!

  2. Alan Carter-Davies Says:

    That’s quite cool, am a little worried that there’s no reference of scale in the photo, how big is this thing? The size of a broad bean, the size of a box of matches or the size of a small family car? Hmmm….

  3. scale Says:

    I agree with you – Its far better to look at it this way. :

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