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Philips launches electronic pill

November 14, 2008
Philips iPill is 11 x 26 mm

Philips Research’s intelligent pill (iPill) for electronically controlled drug delivery

Nowadays it seems just about anything can have ‘i’ added as a prefix and now Philips have added their two penn’orth, this time in healthcare.

The company has announced that they will launch their ‘iPill’ next week at a science conference. This is an electronic pill that can pass through the digestive system, measuring its position by determining the acidity of its surroundings and releasing medicine in a programmable pattern as required. The company envisages its use both as a drug research tool and therapeutically.

This would also seem to have wide-ranging application in the software development industry, say for the intravenous delivery of pizza, but caused me a few problems in terms of this blog. I wasn’t quite sure whether to file this story under the ‘technology’ or ‘lunch’ category.