The utter twitterings of your local MP

Not content with bloating Hansard with their backbench ramblings, many MPs are starting to fill twitter space. A new service to help collate these twitterings, Tweetminster, was launched last week. It allows you to “track UK politics in real time” using a handy search tool and also a “Hot in Westminster” tag cloud.

All in all it’s a nicely laid out Web 2.0 style tool, but I suspect there will be much fun to be had with this one. Harriet Harmen, for example has said nothing in over two weeks. Is this because she has been busy secretly plotting to get her hands on the leadership? Or take a look at Michael Fabricant (the Guardian’s favourite MP) whose latest posting reveals he is in the cinema crying at a film. And then there’s Lembit Öpik…

The disappointing thing though, from the point of view of this blog, is the singular failure of our expense-accounted representatives to post what they are having for lunch.


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3 Responses to “The utter twitterings of your local MP”

  1. David Says:

    Even though most of them are not banqueting on swan and caviar (outside of the Conservative party anyway), you can imagine the cries of “where’s their credit crunch?” if they had anything more than a thin gruel and tap water on tax payers expenses

  2. pdanderson Says:

    Good point David. Although I think gruel was probably last consumed in the House of Commons when Disraeli was around.

  3. Martin Waller Says:

    You’re in the wrong job Paul, this is the one for you:

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