Credit Lunch

Thanks to the recent grinding of stones I’ve not had chance to get out and about to check the pulse of the average technology lunch in recent months. One of the concerns that’s obviously been forefront of my mind is whether the credit crunch has affected the standard of conference lunches. Yesterday’s JISC event in Edinburgh gave me the opportunity to conduct a little market research and I’m pleased to report that all is alive and well – the only crunch evident was the honeycomb sprinkles that sat atop the rather wonderful dark chocolate and honeycomb tart that I had for pud.



3 Responses to “Credit Lunch”

  1. Robert Haymon-Collins Says:

    Well I am glad you enjoyed the lunch at #JISC09 ! Nice to have some positive feedback – we certainly get it if people reckon the (free) lunch isn’t up to scratch – I guess you must have had my slice of the choc tart, or maybe I was too late 🙂

  2. Martin Waller Says:


    I think you should take on Heston Blumenthal and come up with the “Perfect Conference Lunch”. Personally I’d go for sausage and mash and a bottle of beer. For afters I’d recommend a good suet based pudding and a second bottle of beer.


  3. antony Says:

    Looks like we’ll have to eat ourselves out of recession…

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