Luscombe's Ginger Beer

Luscombe's Ginger Beer

My blogging rate of late has been, to use a recently popularised word, lamentable. My excuse is that I am knee deep in the technical editing of two big reports for JISC.

However, I did find time to slip down to London for a meeting of government futurologists. Whilst waiting for a train I enjoyed a new drink: Luscombe’s Organic HOT Ginger Beer. Note the capitalised word ‘HOT’, an apt description of the drink which is made from fresh, root ginger and Sicilian lemons. Dangerous stuff. And not just because of the involvement of the Sicilians.


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  1. Martin Waller Says:

    If you like Ginger Beer then I would recomment my Mother’s recipe for Ginger Cake…I’ll forward it on to you if you fancy turning Chef for an hour.

  2. Martin Waller Says:

    Ginger Cake


    2 level teaspoons of ginger
    2.5 cups of self raising flour
    4oz of caster sugar
    1 cup of golden syrup
    6oz margarine
    2 eggs
    1 cup of boiling water
    1 level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

    A ‘cup’ can be a standard drinking mug – make sure that you use the same mug for all measurements.


    Mix ginger, flour, and caster sugar in to a bowl. Take the eggs and beat them well! Put the golden syrup, margarine and lard into a pan and heat – do not allow the mix to boil. Then add the beaten eggs to the dry ingredients and gradually, one table spoon at a time, add the heated ingredients to the mix. This will take time and will transform the dry ingredients through a very ‘stiff’ stage to a ‘sloppy’ stage. Finally add the bicarbonate of soda to the boiling water and add this to the mix and mix very well. Finally pour the mixture in to a grease proof paper lined (greased with margarine / olive oil) baking tray (30cm * 25cm * 5cm approx.) and bake for half an hour at gas mark three (150 C). Look at it after 20 minutes just to be sure that it’s going ok! Prick it to see if it’s cooked

  3. Martin Waller Says:

    Mistake!!!! Ignore the word lard in the directions above. My Mother used to have lard in the too but you don’t need it!

  4. Martin Waller Says:

    If you want something a little more up market then try this out:

    It’s not cheap but it’s Very nice!

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