Data mash-ups and the future of mapping

I’m pulling my head out of the latest research on social networking (for my textbook!) to pass on the TechWatch latest. There’s a new report out called Data mash-ups and the future of mapping and it’s quite exciting. If you’ve ever worried about data being left on trains or unencrypted disks going missing in the post, this will really make your eyes water.


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2 Responses to “Data mash-ups and the future of mapping”

  1. Martin Waller Says:


    One comment I would like to make on “Open Data” is that we here in UK are not quite as open as we should be. Take the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office for example. Every month they take money from my pay packet to draw up charts of our coast line. Is this data “Open Data”? Not at all, they protect it to the hilt. Compare this to our friends across the Atlantic. Their charts are prepared by NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey which is paid for by the people and because of that the data is “Open Data” and available to the people free of charge. Our Hydrographic Office is also very protective over their tidal data too, which is also paid for out of my pay packet!


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