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Three-dimensional lunch

September 25, 2007

Several years ago I shared office space with a university team that was developing what was then the new fangled technology of 3-D printing. These rapid prototyping machines could generate a solid, three-dimensional model of an object that had been designed on a computer screen. Watching them weave something solid out of thin air using tiny, two-dimensional layers of special plastics and resins, sprayed one on top of another, was fascinating.

Things seem to have moved on though. Wired magazine reports that an artist husband and wife team have developed the CandyFab 4000 – a 3-D printer that uses sugar rather than plastics and resins. With this machine they can construct solid, caramelised versions of objects drawn on a computer.

Think of the potential. A crème brûlée that plays your iTunes. Surely this has to be the epitome of Tech Lunch?