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Why Apple still hasn’t given me what I want

February 5, 2008

Air, the new, super-skinny, size zero girl on the Apple catwalk is certainly impressive⎯lightweight and razor thin. And, judging from the coverage, it certainly looks as though it got the horde of press at the MacWorld conference into a breathless state. Frankly, it being Valentine’s month and all, I’d love to fall in love, but…

I just can’t. It’s just not what I had in mind when there was lots of talk at the end of last year about Apple’s new ultra-portable. What I was dreaming of was something small, rather than thin. A gadget you can slip into a small bag or even a large pocket. I’m not bothered about having a truly full-size keyboard, built-in Web cam or a dazzling 13.3-inch LED screen. I just want something truly portable.

I suppose, if I’m being honest, I never got over being ditched by Psion.