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The Naked Chef goes 3-D

February 25, 2011

Thanks to the monastic life imposed on me by the demands of writing a book it has been some time since the I had an opportunity for a pukka tech lunch. So I relished the chance yesterday for a business meeting at Nottingham’s new Jamie Oliver restaurant in Low Pavement.

To add to my prandial joy there was the opportunity to view pictures of the dishes on the menu in 3-D using a device called an Image3D. These devices were meant for the kids I think (allowing them to see what they were ordering rather than reading the menu). However, children of my age will remember these toys  – then called ViewMasters – from the 1970s (see picture).

After exploring the technology for a while it was time for the main event. As a lover of pasta I was in seventh heaven and can thoroughly recommend the Turbo Fusilli Arrabiata. Sorted.

View Master (Source: Enokson, licenced under CC BY-NC 2.0)(