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Lunch on the line

November 27, 2007

Lunch last Wednesday was courtesy of British Rail (as was). Nothing too exciting, just a cheese and pickle sandwich, but it was enlivened by the free cabaret courtesy of the staff. As we approached St Pancras, the guard went round collecting rubbish, asking for “any old rubbish, newspapers, magazines, weapons of mass destruction, secret and confidential documents about Nick Clegg.”

This kind of humour by public service staff was reflected in the story, yesterday, about the London Underground announcer who has been posting “spoof” announcements to her website. It’s not the spoofs that have got her into trouble, of course, but it looks likely that she will lose her voice-over contract for allegedly telling a Sunday newspaper that she thinks the tube is “dreadful”.

I think London Underground should extend her contract and include some of her spoofs in their normal schedule of announcements. These kinds of moments enliven the otherwise dreary experience of travelling.

As far as the railways are concerned—let’s hope the guard continues to brighten things up on the London run. He could probably now add CD-ROMs from the Inland Revenue to his list.