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Lunch 2.0

March 14, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to be attending the JISC annual conference in Birmingham. This is where delegates from across the UK gather to discuss all things technical for universities and colleges. I mentioned at the time that faggots and peas used to be a local delicacy but there was no sign of it yesterday. Instead, for us veggies there was a mushroom ravioli, and in the interest of research I also helped myself to some of the wild rice with herbs, which was top-hole. For the carnivores there was a Mexican chicken dish, which apparently was very nice, but a straw poll revealed it could have done with being a little bit spicier.

There were about 600 delegates at the conference this year including a strong delegation from Denmark and the Netherlands. For me it was a little bit nerve-wracking as we were launching a new TechWatch report, which I authored. The report is called What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education, and was commissioned by some of the people within JISC who are starting to tackle some of the practical issues affecting repositories and digital libraries. If you have a long train journey ahead of you and feel inclined to plough through over 60 pages of what has been described as ‘adult material’, I would be pleased to hear what you think of it.